Here are a few of the people that we have helped to create some exceptional images.
Lenny Harold – Singer/Writer/Producer – (Also with Blackstreet)

I’ve had the privilege of working with this incredible eye and creative photographer. He has a way of capturing moments that I haven’t experienced by any other. If you’re not working with Nat, then your pictures are wack. I’m just saying..

Lenny Harold


#BBV!!!! So I’ve bn wit the family since 2011! I love BBV. I love the people, the studio, the places, Jason’s Penthouse!!! Went from attempting to take couples’ pictures to a kick ass freedom shoot as the Rookie of the Year. Went from ROTY to Public Enemy #1 to Jae Auri and the progression has not stopd. Shooting with BBV is an experience like no other. In studio or on location, Nat has the eye to make each vision unique. He takes his time with light setting and overall ambience. No shoot is identical. I can’t tell you exactly how everyone else’s experiences are but I know from being on set with other models, assisting with creative direction and executive producing behind the scenes that if you can meet Nat halfway, he can take you further than you anticipated. Register yesterday!!! You should’ve been booked already!!!!

Jae Auri


I love Nat and his work of art, which he calls, photography. He challenged me out of my comfort zone and made me feel comfortable, confident, and professional. Nat and Carla welcomed me into their studio and made me feel like family. There is not one person I wouldn’t recommend to book a shoot with black box visions. Not only will you get a personal and professional shoot but the most amazing creative images that money could buy. Love you guys and thanks for an awesome experience!!!!

Keiona Jacobs

PHOTOGRAPHER: Derrick Rodgers
PHOTOGRAPHER: Derrick Rodgers

In my life I’ve met many artists. Yet, in meeting Nat, I found someone who’s passion is akin to my own. Being in music I paint with sound that which the eye cant see. Yet, Nat is a master in translating that which is seen so one sees more then the mere eye beholds. Its a pleasure knowing him! His professional manner belies the gift he is blessed with. I highly recommend him, and would trust him with my most precious memories. Thank you Nat for opening my eyes beyond that which they see!

Derrick Rodgers


I have recently worked with Nat and Carla Carter in Stone Mountain Georgia. They are wonderful people to work with. Nat is extremely passionate about his photography and making things Beautiful and Wonderful. Carla did my hair and make up and put my outfits together, I was very shy when I entered Georgia and left a Passionate Loving and Open Person, We worked for 3 Days and made me a whole new person and I looked like I have been modeling for years when this was my first time ever. I would recommend Nat and Carla to anyone I meet. They are the most Passionate I know. Miss you guys cant wait til the next photo shoot!!!! Joli will be there!!

Joli Carter


I had a wonderful time with the blackbox visions family at my shoot. They showed me that beauty is beyond the body and outside. That if you feeling a certain type of way it shows in your picture. I fely comfortable arouns nat and carla. Coaching and taking into factor things they mentioned I can take to other shoots. I look forward to working with the bbv family in the future. Thanks again for the experience and cant wait to see the art we created…. 🙂

Monni Roberts

The Turner Family
The Turner Family

Thank you so much for such an awesome photo experience. Thanks for your patience and understanding & flexibility? And especially thank you for creating such beautiful photos! You and Carla are the greatest. Love you much and can’t wait to do it again!

DeNeshia Turner

Jane Eugene & Loose Ends
Jane Eugene & Loose Ends

Cant began to explain how awesome BBV is. Nat is a wonderful photographer. He basically lets you be free to be who you are and he happens to catch your best moments when you are not even expecting it. I always leave knowing that the images that he captures are spectacular and like no other. Nat and Carla continue to do the great work that you are doing. I Love You

Jane Eugene (Loose Ends)

Teresa Reid - Model
Teresa Reid – Model

I am Happy to have the honor to share my experience with all of you seeing my comment! I am a first time model, a beginner and I believe that Mr. NAT is truly gifted at what he does! He brought out the best in me, a part of me I never knew I had! Pieces of me that I was trying to find; my confident boosted more then ever! The quote Dare to be Great is an amazing statement because he pushes you into your own greatness you probably never knew you had! I fell in love with myself through these photos all because of Mr. Nat’s great abilities to bring out the best of me! Hopefully I can continue to better by skills and become more comfortable! I got the pleasure of shooting with one of my long-term friends who is amazing, Ej Allure! I am very blessed! I also worked with some new people and it’s always nice to meet new people! I also can’t forget Mrs. CARLA, she is truly amazing also! Made me more comfortable with her & she brings out the best of you too! Shout out to Mr Nat and Mrs. CARLA THEY ARE AMAZING PEOPLE WITH GREAT PERSONALITIES! I look forward to working with them again: )

Teresa Reid

Ej Allure - Model
Ej Allure – Model

Hey everyone! I have the pleasure of writing the lovely #100 comment (yay me)! But anywho, as I’ve said before, the Carters are amazing people to work with. They’re professional, but also have a way of making you feel like family instead a client. They’re also very flexible and supportive of their people. I’m one of them so I would know. The last shoot in Louisville was great. I shot with two new beautiful faces that did wonderful as well as an old friend that introduced me to the BBV world (Le’Shey). I shot in an airplane, some beautiful gowns, and diverse areas all around the city. If you get the chance to shoot with BBV, I’d definitely recommend it. Love you Nat & Ms. Carla. Stay blessed! #BBV #BBV_AllStar #BBV_FAM

EJ Allure

Torri Jay - Model/Muse
Torri Jay – Model/Muse

Although I am new to the BBV family, I feel right at home. Nat Thank you so much for allowing me to by myself during the shoots . I felt so comfortable. I truly enjoyed the experience. There are no words to describe the wonderful work that you put forth. You have a special chemistry with your camera and it shows. I am so excited about the work that you and Carla are doing with BlackBox. Love you both .
# Raging Bull a.k.a Puss in Boots

Torri Jay

Sam Maxwell
Sam Maxwell

The shoot we did 1/8/12 actually was my first ever shoot and it was fun. You guys no how to keep it interesting and business like great balance. I mean the make up and set was good My Girl looked great everytime she came out I couldnt believe that was all mine haha… Thanks for the opportunity and i hope we got some good shots out of it. Thanks Nat for letting me be myself it made things way easier because you saw my personality and allowed me to get out of my box.

Sam Maxwell

Le'Shey Stark - Model
Le’Shey Stark – Model

NAT!!! Ure pretty darn tight! Love u!


Mint Condition
Mint Condition

Nat –

You got some great shots! I have forwarded the email to all of the band members, so I’m sure you will see some of your photos popping up on their Facebook pages.

Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to seeing you the next time we are in Atlanta!


Jeff Taube

Jeff Taube, Tour Manager for Mint Condition

Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall

Just thought i would stop by and say thank you for everything I enjoyed myself and your are amazing at what you do !!!

Jordan Marshall

Nyla - Model
Nyla – Model

The shoot was so much fun this weekend… a little scary at first but amazing. The crew was great the other models were outstanding and you Nat, were wonderful. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I look forward to working with you in the future and learning from you as well.
I had SO much fun shooting on locations. Props and quick outfit changes and all the bbv models that I got to meet and work with.
This has opened new doors for me and I love the direction it is pointing me in. This is definately one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


Shirley Dickerson Wright - Model
Shirley Dickerson Wright – Model

Nat I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed my time with you …your assistant(Henry)…and the other casting crew…even the new models!!! It was a more relaxed and fun adventure this time for me!! The crew that worked with you were so down to earth and friendly…really funny!!! I hope their journey with you will be a very great one and I do know that if they pay close attention…they will realize that they are learning from the best!!!
Ms. Carla…you were really missed!! Hope to see you next time…and we tried to take good care of your better half!! It was him that took good care of us though!!! It was great working with you Nat and the new people also!!
Nat , this one’s for you:
“If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans 10:9

I love ya and God Bless!!


ROTY - Model
ROTY – Model

Ok…. So where in the world do I start??? This experience with BlackBox Visions is one of the most liberating experiences I’ve ever had. When I arrived on set, I was nervous, anxious and dealing with personal issues. By the time I left the studio, I was exhausted, eager to learn more and taken to a new high. I had A LOT of fun in the studio, probably more than most people have had. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with Nat’s creative genius! If you aren’t on the team, what are you waiting for??? I know yall have to be tired of the bathroom shots you took of yourself “modeling”… & I’m pretty sure you’re over the shots your friends took of you at the club at your best that didn’t turn out right. Lol. Nat is pulling out inner-beauty. I started off Sweat Pants Swaggin (SPS) & what I couldn’t see, Nat did! Trust him & run with it. BOOK TODAY!!!! BOOK NOW!!!! NOT NOW NOW, BUT RIGHT NOW AS IN YESTERDAY! Be blessed & remember: You are Beautiful!
—This is Jae “ROTY” signing out

Jae Auri

Fatiana - Muse
Fatiana – Muse

This was a great experience for it to be my first ever photoshoot. I can honestly say with all the fear and nervousness that proceeded this it was all well worth it. Nat is amazing and very passionate about his art and I thank him for bringing out things in me i didnt know i had!


Jamisha Harrison - Model
Jamisha Harrison – Model

WOW…. Where do I begin….. I knew from the first time talking to Nat that my life was about to change and quick….. He is such an inspiring person who cares so much about his work…. I was looking for that type of photographer and I hit the jackpot when I connected with Nat.. Shooting with Nat and Carla was one of the best if not the best experiences of my life… I worked my hardest under every condition you can think about, and it taught me to be my best no matter what the situation or circumstances.. I know this is only the beginning but what a great way to start. I look forward to shooting again… Like ASAP and in whatever success I bring as a model I will never forget Nat or Carla, they are coming along with me in all the success.. I’m looking forward to becoming a stronger model and I know I will as long as I have Nat and Carla on my team.. I FREAKING LOVE BLACKBOX VISIONS.. I could talk for hours about how great Blackbox Visions is, but I wont… I’ll just say that if you want to be the best and work hard.. come join this team.. If you wanna go places (because we are going places) join this team.. Live the Vision, don’t let it past you by….. 🙂

Jamisha “Baby Doll” Harrison

Ashley Lewis - Model
Ashley Lewis – Model

I love working with Nat, Carla, and Angelica. They are amazing. I was even blessed to work with Jarrod a filmmaker. My first shoot went so well and I love them. Nat is very talented and actually cares about how you feel and lets you be a voice in your shoot. We shot for an endless amount of hours and created some very amazing photographs. I look forward to my next shoot. I have learned so much and will continue to grow as a model. Thank you guys!

Ashley Lewis “Baby Ali”

Prisana - Model - Photographer
Prisana – Model – Photographer

I love working with Nat and Carla! Every session leaves me excited about the upcoming images and encourages me to go beyond myself in creating lifelong dreams through those visual images they capture. The professionalism and detail used in every photo shows they value both me and my ideas for my look. I have used many of their photos on my websites and will continue to promote their work as fast as it comes into existence. I love you Nat and Carla!


Tiffany Slaughter - Model
Tiffany Slaughter – Model

Truly Amazing. Talking with you for a short period of time you have released me from my comfort zone. You’ve help me believe in me and my talents and abilities. Though I say that no one can hold me back, and that I can do whatever I want in life, you have helped me to speak it out loud, and make it 100 times more believable. I am sure it will be awesome getting to know you more. The simple fact that you have such passion and goals inspires me that much more.

Tiff Slaughter

Ashley "J Rabbit" Beeler - Model
Ashley “J Rabbit” Beeler – Model

U R awesome. The world will see what u have to offer very very soon. He is opening up many doors all we have to do is wak through them. YOu are the best and you inspire me to be a better me. Not even talking about in the modeling way, justme as a person, u bring me outta myself. YOu and momma Carla are sooooo tight lol Love you guys!

Ashley “J Rabbit” Beeler

Honeybee - Model
Honeybee – Model

I had a ball this past weekend with you and Carla. You guys brought the confidence out of me that i needed. I got my swag back. You all are helping me build my image and also build up the person inside of me. Your encouragement, your inspiration, your talent, brought out my talent for the first time. It was my first time modeling, taking real pictures that brought out emotion and told a story. Learning how to use my hands to make others say, ” HMMMMMM……” lol. And Carla being that lady, that women, that mother, that she is just made me even more comfortable, singing, ” Take me to the water” had me rolling. Yall my family man, even if things don’t go as we want, yall will always be in my life. To the best photographer in the world, and the best coach, love ya nat and carla! Love, Huneybee

Ashley “Huneybee” Beeler

Shirley Dickerson Wright - Model
Shirley Dickerson Wright – Model

To Nat and Carla…Thanks for being a blessing from GOD!! This was a great experience for me. you as a team promote great assets to business with professionalism, positive attitude, and being a GOD fearing family!! Nat your work is so over the top!! I never thought that I took good photographs, but working with you and Carla…you saw something that I didn’t! I love my pics and so did my grandaughter…she wanted them all!! I will continue to spread your work to others here! Continue to put GOD first in your life and let Him direct your path…you will never go wrong!! GOD Bless you and your family!!! Love ya
To my new know who you are: it was a pleasure working with you all…hope to do it again!! I love you too

Shirley Dickerson Wright

Kharina Petty - Model
Kharina Petty – Model

First I would like to say to Bootsy (lol) you are silly for the “what to drank” comment. I had an absolute BLAST working with Nat AKA Natty-Poo and his wife Carla Carter! You guys are beyond amazing! I appreciate you guys for taking care of me the way you did! I loved the professionalism! Although I was wearing nothing at some points during the shoot, I’ve never felt more comfortable and safe with anyone as I did with you guys! You all inspired me to give you my best! I absolutely loved working with Anthony aka Bootsy as well! He helped create some “one of a kind” images and bring emotion out of me that I didnt know was there! He was a joy to be around, and together we made BEAUTIFUL art! I also enjoyed working with the other models. You guys are TRUE visionaries and I am definitely looking forward to working with you guys again in the VERY NEAR future! I feel privileged to be a part of the BlackBox Visions family! Thank you Carla. Thank you Natty-poo. You all are the best and again I look forward to working with you guys again! I love you all! It was a Pleasure! 🙂

Kharina Petty

Anthony Rainge - Model
Anthony Rainge – Model

I would like to start off by saying What ta Drank!!!! Lol I had a great time with my second family the Carters i.e. Big Dog and Midget Mom!!! They haved showed great favor and kindness to me over the past couple of days. I truly felt like a son and a grandson especially when i got a spanking by Mamma Carter. The first day which was saturday we started of strong applying a full court press to the haters out there!!! We had a key player go down but we shook back and regained momentum.

This was my first time shooting with multiple models but it was exciting and a new experience. I met the lead model of louisville, Kentucky for black box visions by the name of Kharina Pety. Kharina was a strong player and key factor.of.our success over the weekend. Without her we.wouldn’t have made it to the promise land and would have lost the game. Like Mrs. Carter always states you must have chemistry between models and for only meeting each other for the first time meeting we really connected with a great chemistry.

It became the shoot were I only wanted to shoot with her but in this business in order to be successfull you must be versatile and open to many things. In the near future I wouldn’t mind and would love working with Kharina the point gaurd aka T he aka baby girl!!! I really.hope the models learned new things and became aware of the work and the seriousness of blackbox visions. Here at blackbox we are trying to win as many championship rings as possible until we can’t win anymore. This is Anthony aka Bootsy aka The pretty boy signing out! !!!! Catch us if you can blackbox waits man! !!!!!

Anthony Rainge

Amber Lynn - Model
Amber Lynn – Model

Being relatively new to the photography side of modeling, I had my perception of what goes on during a photo shoot and the chemistry between the model and the photographer. Nat Carter completely changed my perception, showing me the a good picture has to come from within. Nat teaches me every time we shoot that it’s more important to focus on the experience, rather that the final product. Ironically in doing so, THOSE are the best shots. Completely committing yourself. Nat is patient, caring and I’ve learned more about modeling from him than any other person. He is AMAZING. I know I will owe much of my future successes to him and my experience with this company.

Amber Lynn

Darrick Fitzgerald
Darrick Fitzgerald

Nat, you have the ability to capture natural shots and make them appear SUPERnatural. The uses of light and the ease with which you created my portfolio allowed me the versatility of both professional and casual/fun uses. Thank you for “Immortalizing Me”

Darrick Fitzgerald

Angela George - Actress
Angela George – Actress

In the entertainment business, having the perfect head shot is critical to every aspiring actor. I searched and searched for the perfect photographer along with the perfect photo for what seemed like forever. Than it finally happened! I had a photo session with Nat Carter and my head shot “POPPED” as they say in this business. It was like magic! Since than I’ve booked work with several major productions – Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime, Vampire Dairies on CW, the new ABC pilot Detroit 187 with Michael Imperioli (Sapranos), Franklin & Bash on TBS, Big Mommas 3 with Martin Lawrence (in production) & Hall Pass with Owen Wilson – to name a few. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your work helped my dreams come true!

Angela George

Akeria Skye - Model
Akeria Skye – Model

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Blackbox Visions, Nat and Carla are amazing!!! I felt comfortable from the moment I shook their hands. Their creativity, along with their professionalism is off the rockers. I am blessed to have had the honor of working with them, and look forward to many more seamless images.

Akeria Skye

Deonta Blount - Model
Deonta Blount – Model

It was a pleasure working with Nat. One thing that makes him stand out his his creativity with capturing the perfect photograph that stands next to none. He also works hard at making his models feel comfortable on set. He allows you to view your shoot as you go to see if there is something you are missing. With a clear view of your photos on the screen, you are able to see if you are lacking facial expression, body posture, and eye smiling as you go during each set.

He is patient, friendly, and caring about his models being happy with the photos they have taken. I love his collaboration with the models to bring out their own unique style. He is very easy to work with simply because he creates a comfortable atmosphere for the model allowing her to be herself and allowing the model to set her own limitations. I would recommend him to anyone because he is great in every area.

Deonta Blount

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Shoot was GREAT!! I am soooo silly! gotta love it though! See ya next time!