Dominique Karan Loose of Ends

Loose Ends featuring Jane Eugene

CLIENT/ARTIST: Jane Eugene & Loose Ends
LOCATION: Mable House Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA.

Here are some new images that I captured of Ms. Jane Eugene and Loose Ends during both soundcheck and a sold-out audience here in Atlanta, GA. I am so proud to be able to capture these very talented people as they do what they were born to do. These are not only amazing artists, they are truly amazing people! I hope that you enjoy these images and I hope that you will treat yourself by going out to experience Jane Eugene & Loose Ends for yourself the next time that they are in your area.

Remain blessed,







While the contents of this site is of an artistic nature it does include images of the human form that should be restricted to viewing by MATURE individuals over the age of 18.

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