Today on our prayer call a “leader” was praying and said that “the actions of our children are an indictment against their parents” because it is the responsibility of the parents for the actions and behavior of the children! He was referring to children who strayed away from “the right path”. The bad kids.

I must say that it’s a very dangerous thing when we become so comfortable and self righteous that we can paint so many with such a broad brush of condemnation, especially in a prayer!

Yes parents are responsible for training up a child in the way the he or she should go.

Yes parents are entrusted with new lives and have the responsibility to help teach them how valuable they are, not only to themselves but also to the world.

Yes parents should love and nurture their children with every fiber of their being.

Yes , parents should lead by example and should model the behavior their children should emulate.

Yes, parents should be the good soil that their children are planted in so that the children can establish and grow the strong roots that they need to flourish and bare good fruit that will in turn provide the seeds that will in time reproduce and produce more good fruit!

But when the parenting process doesn’t work out the way that the parents planed, when despite all the good efforts of loving, hard-working, faithful, God-fearing parents doesn’t work out to the end that parents pray for and work so diligently for, IT IS NOT AN INDICTMENT ON THE PARENTS!!!!

Words matter! What is an indictment?

indictment is a noun

1a : the action or the legal process of indicting

b : the state of being indicted

2 : a formal written statement framed by a prosecuting authority and found by a jury (such as a grand jury) charging a person with an offense

3 : an expression of strong disapproval

an indictment of government policy on immigrants

From the root word indict or indicting. What does ”indicting” mean?

Definition of indict

transitive verb

1 : to charge with a fault or offense : CRITICIZE, ACCUSE

2 : to charge with a crime by the finding or presentment of a jury (such as a grand jury) in due form of law

Who has the right or the moral standing that would allow them to paint so many parents with such a broad self righteous brush???

Yes, parents who have trained up wonderful children should be applauded and congratulated. They really should; but such a parent shouldn’t be so quick to CRITICIZE and ACCUSE others! Especially when they don’t know the facts. Especially when they haven’t walked in the shoes of those who they are so quick to “judge with strong disapproval”!

Sometimes children who were loved, who were nurtured, children who were given the foundation and every opportunity to make the “right” choices choose to go their own way.

There are children who have grown up with an alcoholic parent that chose not to drink. Should that alcoholic parent be congratulated for the choice of that child?

There are fathers who were never there in anyway when their son was growing up and the son grew up to have sons and daughters of his own.

And his kids grew up loving and adoring their father because he was always there for them. Who gets the accolades here? The father who abandoned his som or the son who became a father that was there for his kids? Or God, for His grace and mercy?

The point is that “we” need to stop being so damn quick to judge others based on our personal experiences!

Just because someone is a pastor, elder, minister, deacon/deaconess, usher, Sunday School teacher, or leader in the parking lot ministry, stop praying these arrogant and ignorant prayers!!! You aren’t reflecting the God you profess to serve!

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