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    The Definition of a Band

    Mint Condition is a truly awesome group of musicians. I mean REAL musicians! They also happen to be great people. Concert Photography is a passion of mine and I have been photographing these guys in concert since 2011.

    They were one of the first groups who allowed me to shoot their soundchecks and to shoot them from the stage. The first time that I photographed Mint Condition was in Atlanta at Center Stage. I try to blend in as much as possible when I work with these guys or any other performer. I never want to be “in the way.” So I keep moving.

    Mints Condition’s rehearsals are great because you get to hear them play things that they may not typically play in a show. These guys are always focused so I don’t try to hold conversations with them while they work, but they are very friendly people. The concert photos that I have taken of them show how intense they are both individually and as a group when they perform. During rehearsals, you will always see Stokley Williams walking around the arena checking to make sure that the sound is just right.

    My images of Mint Condition are a collection of shots taken during rehearsals, in the dressing room before the show and on stage during the shows.

    Currently, I am working with the guys to design and publish their first tour book. I’m just waiting for the guys to make their final photo selections for the book. Mint Condition was recently featured on the TV One program Unsung. Check them out whenever you get a chance. They are a real band full of excellent musicians and the will always give a high energy performance! Mint Condition is Ricky Kinchen, Stokley Williams, Larry Waddell, Jef Allen, Homer O’Dell. They are truly the definition of a band!

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