These are images of my Friend, my brother, my client and my mentor, Mr. Teddy Riley. These images are from a photoshoot that we did in Teddy’s Atlanta home, in his basement right outside his studio on New Years Day 2016.

It was truly an exceptional day and an usual shoot. One of the first things that I learned is that Teddy moves deliberately and at his own pace. So I learn to be very flexible and patient. I found out that doing so would always yields great rewards! Teddy is a very thoughtful person that rewards your patience and flexibility.

I know some photographers wouldn’t have spent New Years Day working much less working all day on a family portrait project. But it just so happened that this guy was more than just a client, he was a friend who rarely has all his sons together on the first day of the year and he wanted to create and capture memories.

So I packed up family, my wife and kids and we spent the day creating and capturing memories for my little brother (from another mother) the person that The Soul Train award recognized as a Legend!

Teddy taught me to always make the best out of every moment that we have and to cherish your family. That a lesson that I believe I’ve learned well. I don’t have clients, I have extended family!

It was a fun day! I pray that your day is amazing! Dare to be great today! Go out and leave your mark on this would. Capture and share your visions!

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