My Visions for today are of Teresa BA. I have been working with Teresa for over four years. It’s been so long that I don’t really remember exactly when we met.

I remember I was doing a major shoot in Louisville, KY and one of my lead models wasn’t available. So we put out a quick small open call for one model and Teresa showed up. I remember that she seemed very nice and a little quiet, but I was very impressed with her ability add new detentions to the vision that I had for the shoot.

Teresa is more than an amazing model and client, she has become family. She is a joy and a truly constant source of inspiration. One of my favorite projects with Teresa was her maternity shoot. We rarely have more than a couple of hours to shoot because of our schedules. We happen to be shooting in Louisville, Kentucky for this project and we needed a beautiful open field to work in, My it had to be close to my mom’s home because I was trying to spend as much time visiting my mom as I could.

So Teresa, Carla (my wife and business partner) went right up the street from my mom’s house and did a semi nude maternity shoot on the side lot of the neighborhood church! Yes, the church! But God knew our hearts!♥️ And we made some exceptional images that afternoon!

It just goes to show that it doesn’t always talk a lot of equipment or a big production to make extraordinary imagery.

I pray that you have a great day today. Go out and dare to be great. Don’t let the limitations of others limit your growth! Make history not excuses!!! ☝🏽🙏🏾💪🏽

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