My Vision of the Day. A model standing on the train tracks in the Fall leaves.

My Vision

This is an image that I captured while shooting in Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Ga. I love the simplicity of this image. My client wanted to create a nature look in her portrait and I think this does the job.

I love the lines that the train tracks create that actually take your eyes from the model to somewhere around the bend. The fallen leave did a great job of creating a consistent foundation for this shot. Your eyes aren’t distracted by the rail ties that you would normally see in an image with train tracks.

All you really see here are the tracks that curve smoothly around the bend. I wasn’t specifically looking for the attributes in a location when I came across this spot. But I became a better photographer when I was able to recognize a good spot when I stumble across it.

Dare to be great! Go out and explore. Go out and find things that you like looking at and capture it with your camera and share that vision with others!

Make History, Not Excuses!

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